General Photography

General workshops are great for people who want to learn photography, and/or learn how to use their camera to take the pictures they want to take!


Workshops are a great 1 on 1 way to quickly get any and all information you need, and go through trial and error quickly, with someone knowledgable to guide you through it.


They are very flexible, enjoyable, and frustration free!


Because of the variety of options, prices vary on a per person basis. Some prices are listed below, and also a contact form that you can fill out, and inquire about a price for your specific workshop!



Get to know your camera (30 minute workshop, in person): $49


  • Workshop includes:
    • Understanding the modes of your camera and using manual mode
    • The exposure triangle – ISO, aperture, and shutter speed
    • Lenses, basic cleaning, possible accesories


The Basics of Photography (30min – 1hr, in person or skype): $59


  • Workshop includes:
    • Composition “rules”
    • The exposure triangle – ISO, aperture, and shutter speed
    • Basic editing workflows


The Shortcut to Mastery (3-5 hours, in field, and post processing): $199


  • Workshops include:
    • A day in the field shooting either landscape or city photography
    • Manual mode mastery, compositional techniques, using colour, colour theory
    • Light, lines, and perspective
    • Full lightroom post processing workflow and edit



Or combine aspects of all workshops to personalize what you want to learn!


Fill out the form below and I would be happy to answer all questions you may have, and quote you for your personal workshop!