Personal Astrophotography Workshop



Workshops in the field are a valuable investment in to your photography.


  • They are very hands on and offer instant feedback.


  • Allow fast trial and error, with help from someone who has made all the mistakes himself, and can immediately give answers to any questions you may have!


  • All you need is a camera that has manual controls and you are good to join!



Because of the variety of options, prices vary on a per person basis. Some prices are listed below, and also a contact form that you can fill out to inquire and sign up.



Your First Night Photo (3 hour field workshop, or 1 hour class in person or skype): 90$/30$


  • Workshop includes:
    • Camera set up for night photography
    • Planning night photos
    • A night in the field, taking your first night photos


Improving Basic Night Skills (3 hour field workshop, with additional 1 hour editing workshop): 125$


  • Workshop includes:
    • Shooting 1 layer panoramas and editing panormas
    • Working on photo compositions
    • Use of external lighting for foreground


Advanced Night Photograph Workshop (4 hour field workshop, post processing workshop) 150$+


  • Workshop includes:
    • Multi-layer panormas
    • Stacking photos for noise reduction
    • Blending exposures to reduce noise and increase light in foregrounds