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A roaring waterfalls captures one’s attention in person, and is captured in art here. A longer exposure time helps to create movement and places the viewer in the scene. I chose black and white to portray the simplicity and peace of the waterfalls; no colour to distract from the subject and the feeling.


Nich Recommends:

  • Standard prints; all sizes, especially large
    • for a traditional look
    • need to be framed


  • Gatorfoam prints; all sizes
    • for vibrant colours and depth
    • ready to hang


  • Canvas; up to 12×18
    • for a traditional look
    • ready to hang


  • Metal prints; all sizes
    • for a unique modern look
    • ready to hang
  • Nich’s favourite: 16×24 metal
    • I print the metal as a vibrant matte finish which looks smooth & crisp
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Canvas 11×14, Canvas 12×18, Canvas 16×24, Canvas 8×12, Frameless, Mounted to Gatorfoam 11×14, Frameless, Mounted to Gatorfoam 12×18, Frameless, Mounted to Gatorfoam 16×24, Frameless, Mounted to Gatorfoam 30×48, Frameless, Mounted to Gatorfoam 8×12, Metal 11×14, Metal 12×18, Metal 16×24, Metal 5×7, Metal 8×12