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Have you ever dreamed of being able to take images of the bright stars that keep you in awe on those warm summer nights? Do you want to experience world renowned landscapes while learning how to make them look as good or better in camera than they do with your eyes? If the answer is yes, then these workshops are for you! 

I have teamed up with one of Saskatchewan's finest astrophotographers, Scott Aspinall. Together we will show you dark skies and rugged landscapes and teach you how to become proficient in capturing their beauty. Join us during our spectacular 2 or 3 night workshops as we explore unpolluted wilderness landscapes and capture incredible photographs together. 


We will always be with the group providing thoughts, advice and real time critique as we shoot and scout locations, spending time with each student to work on their specific needs. By keeping the group small we can react quickly, chasing light and weather and choosing our spots based on the most dramatic conditions. 






$795 CAD (2 Nights + Editing) - Grasslands

$1500 CAD (4 Days + 2 Editing Sessions) - Banff


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Meet the Team





Nicholas Gabruch is a Saskatoon based photographer who has found his specialty in capturing the living night skies of Saskatchewan and the powerful landscapes of the Rockies. He is in his third year of a physiology & pharmacology degree at the University of Saskatchewan.



Nich has a passion for sharing his love of the stars with others, and is driven to inspire them to photograph the night. He started running astrophotography workshops in 2016, and is always fine tuning his teaching style and knowledge. 





Scott Aspinall is a passionate, self-taught photographer. He was born in Estevan, Saskatchewan and moved to Regina in 2010 after receiving a BBA at the University of Regina. His drive comes from seeing God's glory as it is revealed in creation. He takes his faith seriously and photography is just another extension of that journey. It allows him to express, through images, the majesty of nature.

A large part of Scott's photography style comes from how he utilizes editing, and advanced imaging techniques to create visually striking images that may go beyond what the scene depicts and move it into the realm of what he imagines that scene could be. Scott has a talent for bringing out incredible detail in the night sky and he very well may be the best astrophotographer in Saskatchewan.






Grasslands National Park Workshop 



Grasslands National Park is one of two National Parks in Saskatchewan. It is also located in a protected dark sky zone, making it the epitome for night sky photography. The landscape spans infinitely far and the stars shine infinitely bright. 


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Banff National Park Workshop


You would be hard pressed to find a better location for landscape photography than in the stunning, rugged Canadian Rockies. With easy access to pristine wilderness, jaw-dropping locations, and all the amenities you need, you feel truly immersed in nature in Banff.  With hands-on shooting and post-processing training from two passionate instructors you will be sure to come home with a new appreciation of what is possible.

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